vistabank Bank Locations


Bank Name Vista Bank
Address 901 Main Street
City Ralls
State Texas
Zip Code 79357
FDIC Certificate # 1210
Bank Charter Class SM
Date Established 2008-08-25
VISTA BANK Routing Number

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Vista Bank Crosby County Locations

Crosbyton, TX Location
104 West Main Street
Crosbyton, Texas, 79322
Office Type: 11
Lorenzo, TX Location
705 6th Street
Lorenzo, Texas, 79343
Office Type: 11
Ralls, TX Location
901 Main Street
Ralls, Texas, 79357
Office Type: 11

Vista Bank Dallas County Locations

Dallas, TX Location
6801 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas, 75205
Office Type: 23
Dallas, TX Location
5840 W. Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas, 75225
Office Type: 24
Dallas, TX Location
325 N. St. Paul Street, Suite 3500
Dallas, Texas, 75201
Office Type: 24
Dallas, TX Location
5840 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas, 75225
Office Type: 11

Vista Bank Hale County Locations

Abernathy, TX Location
317 Main
Abernathy, Texas, 79311
Office Type: 11
Hale Center, TX Location
701 Main Street
Hale Center, Texas, 79041
Office Type: 11
Petersburg, TX Location
1523 Main
Petersburg, Texas, 79250
Office Type: 11
Plainview, TX Location
3000 Olton Road
Plainview, Texas, 79072
Office Type: 11

Vista Bank Haskell County Locations

Rule, TX Location
Fifth And Union
Rule, Texas, 79547
Office Type: 11

Vista Bank Jones County Locations

Hamlin, TX Location
231 South Central Avenue
Hamlin, Texas, 79520
Office Type: 11

Vista Bank Lubbock County Locations

Idalou, TX Location
301 Main Street
Idalou, Texas, 79329
Office Type: 11
Lubbock, TX Location
4350 19th Street
Lubbock, Texas, 79407
Office Type: 11
Lubbock, TX Location
4515 98th Street
Lubbock, Texas, 79424
Office Type: 11
Lubbock, TX Location
4621 50th Street
Lubbock, Texas, 79414
Office Type: 11
Lubbock, TX Location
1508 Texas Avenue
Lubbock, Texas, 79401
Office Type: 13

Vista Bank Tarrant County Locations

Fort Worth, TX Location
1300 Summit Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas, 76102
Office Type: 11
Fort Worth, TX Location
1751 River Run, Suite 200
Fort Worth, Texas, 76107
Office Type: 24

Vista Bank Travis County Locations

Austin, TX Location
3720 Jefferson Street
Austin, Texas, 78731
Office Type: 11
Code: 11 - Full Service Branch Office - Accept deposits, can make different types of loans, open and close accounts, loan officer is typically on site, normal hours, full-time banking staff. These office locations may or may not have safe deposit facilities on site, they can give loan and deposit rates. The branch location may be owned by the bank or may be leased by the financial institution.

Code: 23 - Limited Service Branch Office - Accept account deposits and loan payments but may not offer other services. May be found within a retail establishment like a mall or it may be drive-through banking branch.

Code: 24 - Limited Loan Service Office - Works on loans only and will not accept deposits.

Code: 13 - Full Service Internet Website Office - A banking website through which customers can open accounts, apply for loans, make fund transfers into different accounts and get loan and deposit rates. Uses the website as a physical branch location.